Wildlife Art - Stephen F. Gordon

From his studio overlooking the forest of the Black River Valley in the Thumb of Michigan, Medical and Wildlife Artist Stephen F. Gordon proudly presents these original limited edition lithograph prints. His use of light, color, unique point of view, and detail contrasts moments of serenity with the overpowering brilliance and complexity of nature.

For information on acquistions of signed and numbered, and remarqued limited editions prints, please contact Stephen F. Gordon at 1-800-250-4930
Stephen F. Gordon
This month’s special “Refuge”

18” x 24” limited 750 (image 16” x 21”)
Deep within the forest sanctuary, the autumn sun engulfs the maples with its flame. The proud whitetail buck stops only for a moment to quench his thirst during the morning hours of Opening Day. This is the refuge.
s/n $130 remarqued $600

"The Crown" "The Crown" "Morning Star" "Morning Star"
"Spring and Fall"
"Summer and Winter"
"Profiles in a Whitetail Year" - 2 prints, 4 image series
"Temporary Compatriots"
"Temporary Compatriots"
"Gold Creek Buck" "Gold Creek Buck" "Out of the Morning Mist" "Out of the Morning Mist"
Stephen F. Gordon, B.A., 5655 Sycamore Ln., North Street, Michigan 48049 USA 1-800-250-4930 stephen@sgordon.com